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Home iSOHO appliance now just $495

Firewall Servers develops Internet URL web content filtering porn blocker appliances for use by business, schools, libraries, churches and government. Our primary focus is preventing access to pornography and other inappropriate, unwanted objectionable and time wasting Internet content. These scalable products provide the best price/performance for networks ranging from as little as 49 to 1999 concurrent sessions.

The iSOHO URL content filtering appliance offers the best prices in the industry for a full featured content filter, ready to run in a home or small office (SOHO) environment. For product specifications please go to i SOHO Product Specifications.


The iSentry family of internet web content filter products include the iSentryIII Content Filtering Appliance and the free iSentryIII-F software suite. Technical specifications for the iSentryIII appliance are available at Products.


Compare our Pricing and discover the lowest cost of ownership in the industry! The iSentryIII URL filter appliances are the most price competitive in the industry.




 The free iSentryIII-F URL content filtering software suite is fully integrated with its own hardened version of Linux and integral Enigma Firewall TM , URL content filter application program and blocking list database. It installs on an ordinary PC with no linking or compiling required and provides complete internet access control.


The iSentry family of products are the most comprehensive, easy to install and administer internet URL content filtering solutions available. Choose between the fully integrated, ready to run iSentryIII Content Filter Appliance or download the free iSentryIII-F software suite for installation on your own PC platform.



The iSentryIII Content Filtering Appliance is a fully integrated hardware and software system providing local control over Internet usage through defined filtering policies. The iSentry filtering software is capable of blocking Web access based on numerous different criteria. Filtering lists provide high quality, comprehensive content blocking with predefined categories, including porn, adult content, violence, drugs, news, employment, etc. All of which are easily selected by the click of a mouse.


The Systems Administrator can easily customize the unit's configuration to accommodate a variety of users while conforming to management’s security policies. Four models are available, each properly configured to provide the most competitive price/performance solutions ranging from SOHO, schools, libraries and churches, as well as corporate multi-thousand workstation installations.


Time based filtering

Filtering based on time-of-day provides flexibility by allowing user access to otherwise blocked sites at pre-specified periods during the day, such as: breaks, lunch time or after normal hours. . It saves on productivity and decreases system bandwidth demand during peak usage hours. Time based policy exceptions adds flexibility, and provides the system administrator the ability to set various levels of content filtering for different time periods.



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